Create User Groups and Move Users

User groups can be created manually to segregate users. Supervisor accounts can be assigned to new user groups or OU’s to separate capture management into year groups, and different monitoring profiles or settings can be applied to each group.

For further information on supervisors, please refer to the Supervisors article.

Create an Organisational Unit or User Group

Navigate to the Settings View by clicking the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the console.

Click on the level you wish to create a new group at and then look to the top of the navigation panel, 3 options are available:

  • Add Organisational Unit (OU) – this will create a new folder which can house further OU’s or user/station groups.

  • Add User Group – this will create a user group to store user accounts.

  • Add Station Group – this will create a computer group to store computers.

In our example, we will be creating a new Student OU with user groups for intake years under the SchoolC level.

Click on Add Org Unit and then give the OU a name and a description if desired.

Selecting Yes for the ‘Create Default Groups?’ option will automatically create and assign a default user and station group to the new OU. Select No for this option if you wish to create user or station groups manually.

This has created an OU under the SchoolC level.

We will now add an intake user group under the Students level. Click on the Students group and then click on Add User Group.

Once created, you will see the new user group underneath the OU.

An arrow will now be present next to the Students level which can be clicked to collapse or expand the OU. Users can now be moved from the default groups into the new intake group.

Move A User

Click on the group you wish to move users from and then click on the user you wish to move. Multiple users can be moved at once by clicking all the users at the same time.

Click on the Move button.

Then select the user group that the user should move to from the drop-down menu.

Allow LDAP Move will be disabled by default. This will ensure that the user will not be moved back to their original group when the client LDAP sync next runs.

Go back to the Intake2019 folder and the user(s) will show.


Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-003

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