Website Allow Lists

Websites can be ‘allowed’ to stop captures from being generated on specified websites or ‘blocked’ to create a capture as soon as the site is accessed by a user. Allowed websites will be surrounded by star symbols in the Web Log list to show that they have been allowed.

Please note that allowing a website address will not stop keyboard captures from being generated, only application type captures.


Create a Web List

Navigate to the Settings view by clicking on the Cog icon in the top right of the console.

Then click on Web Lists.

Click on Add to create a new list. The list will be automatically assigned to the OU/group level you create it at.

You can edit the name of the list after creation by clicking Edit.

Add an allowed web address

Now the list has been created, we need to add web addresses into it to stop them from being monitored.

Single click the new list to highlight it and then click on the Sites button.

Click on Add to create a new entry.

Type in the URL you wish to allow, change Allowed to Yes, and then click on Add Site to finish.

It is not necessary to add a wild card or any https or www prefixes, simply adding “” is all that is needed.

If whitelisting CPOMS, you will need to add the whole unique CPOMS link for your school. For example:


Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are also available to change the severity weights or confidence values for a website instead of outright whitelisting the URL.

This can be useful for situations where you want captures to still be created from a website, but at a reduced severity score. For example, a value of -1 will reduce all severities from the website by 1. This will not work if the website has been whitelisted or blacklisted.

Confidence values can also be changed for a website. This will modify the client’s behaviour by only allowing captures through that hit a set confidence rating. For example, setting a rating of 90 will only allow captures to be generated if the confidence score is 90+.

This can help reduce false positives from certain websites. This will not work if the website has been whitelisted or blacklisted. Further information about the confidence engine can be found in section 2.8.

Manually Assign a Web List

Host lists can also be assigned to other groups. To do this select the group you want to assign to and click on the Settings > Web tab.

Then click on Edit and under select the new list from Web Lists drop down menu.

Ensure Web Whitelisting is enabled and click Save to finish.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-011

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