Stop Users From Being Monitored

It is possible to stop certain users from being monitored by the Securus client, this is useful for when there is a requirement that staff should not be monitored or for a select group of administrators that need to deactivate the client temporarily.

To start, the users need to be placed into their own group. Please follow the Create User Groups guide for advice on how to create new groups and to move users into them.

You can also apply the following options to an already existing group if required.

Once the group has been made, go back to the Settings view and expand on the left hand Directory tree until you see the new group.

Select the group from the Directory tree and then click on the Settings button and then select Monitoring.


Click to expand

Here you will find the available monitoring settings for the selected group, more information for this can be found here.

Click on Edit to make changes.

There are now two options to stop the group from being monitored:

  • Deactivate Enable – this will allow users in the group to right click on the client icon and select Deactivate. The icon will change to Red to show that it is deactivated. This will stop all monitoring until re-enabled.

  • Auto Exit – this will automatically shut down the client when the user logs in. The client cannot be started again until a new user logs in. This is best for when a whole set of users should be exempt from monitoring as it make the process easier for the end user.

Make your changes by enabling the desired option and then click on Save.

Allow up to 15 minutes for the clients to pick up the change and the new settings will be in effect.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-008

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