Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) feature can present a splash screen upon login containing your policy for safe computer use. This must be accepted before the computer can be used, declining the policy will log the user off.

Newly created AUP’s will be automatically assigned to the level they are created at.


Create an AUP

Navigate to the Settings View and click on AUP.


Click on Add AUP.

The New AUP window will open with the following options.

  • Name – the displayed name for the AUP.

  • Description – a brief description of what the AUP does or is for.

  • AUP Text – the main body of the policy.

Fill out the required information and then click Save to continue. The new AUP will be visible in the list.

Edit an AUP

To edit an AUP, select the AUP you wish to edit from the list and click on Edit.


Manually assign an AUP to a group

AUP’s can also be assigned to other groups or levels within the organisation.

For example, assigning an AUP to the ‘Students’ OU will make it effective for the Students OU and all sub OU’s below.

Click on the group you wish to apply to from the left hand structure menu.

Click on Settings and then AUP.


Click Edit and then select the AUP you wish to apply from the drop down menu titled AUP Name and Offline AUP Name. This will display the same AUP when the client cannot connect to the server.

Change Display AUP to Yes.

Click Save to finish.

The AUP will now be effective for that group, and any sub groups below. The Log All Changes option will create audit logs whenever an AUP is modified such as a change of the AUP text or when an AUP is disabled.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-001

Classification Level: Public

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