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Alerts can be used to get an instant email when a phrase or user has produced a capture.  Several criteria are available for this and they can be used to create general or specific alerts.


Create an Alert

Navigate to the Settings view by click on the Cog icon in to right corner of the console window.

Then click on Alerts.

Add a new alert by clicking Add.

Several options will now be presented:


The options can be explained by hovering over the ‘?’ buttons. They are also explained below:

  • Name

    • Provides a name to the alert.

  • Enabled

    • Enables or disables the alert from sending emails.

  • Phrase Enabled

    • Enables alerting on a phrase or multiple phrases.

  • Severity Enabled

    • Select from a sliding scale of 1 to 5 to receive alerts for those severity scores.

  • Users Enabled

    • Enables an alert for a user or multiple users.

  • Categories Enabled

    • Enables an alert for a specified category or multiple categories. It is also possible to exclude specified categories from the alert as well, for situations where you want all categories to send alerts except one or two.

  • Sources Enabled

    • Enables an alert for a specific source or multiple sources.

  • Email

    • Enter the email address(es) you want the alerts to be sent to.

Any combination of criteria can be selected.


In the above example will send severity 3, 4 and 5 keyboard captures from the Bullying and Grooming only.

The new alert will now be visible in the main window and will show if the alert is enabled and it’s alert conditions.

The alert can be edited by single clicking the entry to highlight it and clicking on Edit.

Example Alerts

All Captures

To create an alert for all captures (including all sources, and severities), leave all other options disabled except Source Enabled, click Select All and then click Save.


We do not recommend using this type of alert as you will be bombarded with emails from the system.

High Severity Captures Only

To create an alert for high severity captures only (4’s and 5’s), change Severity Enabled to yes and move the slider to highligh 4 and 5.

If you want to further tweak the alert, select Sources Enabled and then select the sources you want to receive alerts from. Then click Save to finish.


Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-005

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