LDAP Synchronisation

The Securus XT Client supports LDAP in the form of client side automatic syncing.

This feature will only work with the Securus XT 10.2 and higher clients. This feature does not work with Azure AD.

The client will reference your Active Directory when a user connects and will automatically create the OU structure for the location of the user, if it is missing. If the structure already exists, the user will be moved into the correct location.

We recommend enabling Client LDAP at the top level of your school OU structure.

To turn this feature on, go to the Settings view.

Go to Settings and click on LDAP.

Click to expand

Click on Edit.

Change Client LDAP to Yes if set to No. then click Save.

By default, LDAP will only sync user accounts. To enable syncing of station accounts, change Client Ldap Station to Yes as well.

Click Save to finish.

As the sync is based off recent logins, it may take a few days to fully populate all of your OU’s and groups from Active Directory.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-006

Classification Level: Public

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