Supervisor Login Accounts

Supervisor accounts can be created to allow designated users to login to the Securus console to view and manage captures.

To view supervisor accounts, start by navigating to the Settings view by clicking on the cog icon in top right corner of the console window.

Click on Supervisors.

A list of current supervisor accounts will be listed here. Existing accounts can be edited or removed and new ones created.

Create a Supervisor Account

To create a new account, click on the Add button.

Newly created accounts will be automatically assigned access to the level that they are created at.

Several options will now be available:

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  • Username

    • The login name for the new account. Special characters are not currently supported.

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

    • The email address for the account. This is not linked to email alerts but is necessary for the password reset form.

  • Mobile Number

    • This will be used in an upcoming feature and is just for informational purposes currently.

  • Assign Access?

    • Selecting Yes will assign access at the same time and will also expand the next section. Access will be assigned at the group level that the supervisor account is created at. Selecting No will allow you to assign access to a different group at a later time.

  • Add to Mailing List?

    • Advanced feature for assigning accounts to the Summary Report. Not recommended for daily use.

  • Access Level

    • Manager

      • Full control over the system.

    • Monitor

      • Access to captures and can save, re-grade, delete and export/print captures. Monitor users can also view some of the settings within the Settings panel but cannot make any changes. Unable to view Supervisors or Supervisor access.

    • Reviewer

      • Has access to the normal captures view but cannot save, delete or re-grade captures. The reviewer roll can export and print captures and also has access to Web Logs in the Settings panel.

    • Technician

      • Can be assigned at the top level to allow an IT technician access to All Computers and Audit Logs within the Settings panel.

    • Managed

      • Only has access to captures provided by an email alert link.

Selecting an access level during creation will automatically assign it to the level that the account is created at. For example, creating an account at your schools top level and selecting Manager access will assign full rights to the top level including all sub-groups below it.

If you, for example, want to create a new account at the top level but wish to assign it access to one intake year only, you should not select an access level during creation. Leave the field on the ‘Select An Access Level setting’.

Read on for instructions on how to assign access to an account after creation.

  • Password and Confirm Password.

    • The typed password can be viewed by clicking the eye icon.

Fill out the details as desired and click Save to confirm. You will now see the new supervisor account in the list.

A supervisor can also change their own password by clicking on the User button in the top right and selecting Change Password.

Manually Assign Access to a Supervisor Account

It may be necessary to give a supervisor account separate access rights to extra OU’s or user groups. For example, when you want to create a supervisor account but only want the account to access a Staff or Students group.

To do this, click on the level you wish to assign to and then click on the Supervisors button. Then click on Access.

Click Add.

Select the account and then the access level and click Add. Click Save to finish.

A confirmation prompt will show if the change has been successful.

Edit a Supervisor Account

To edit a supervisor account, first single click the account you wish to edit to highlight it. Then click on the Edit button.


The same options as shown previously will be available. Make your changes and click on Save to confirm.

Remove a Supervisor Account

To remove a supervisor account, first select the account you wish to delete and then click on the Delete button.

A confirmation box will appear, click Delete to confirm or Cancel to cancel the change.

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