Disable Offsite Monitoring

The Securus XT client can be configured to stop monitoring when a device leaves the schools IP addresses or by using a time based system.

IP Based Monitoring

Start by navigating to the Settings page by clicking the Cog icon in the top right of the Securus console.


Then go to Settings > Client.

Click to expand

Click Edit.

The following options will be displayed.

Enable No Monitor Offsite by changing the slider to Yes.

Then enter the external address for the school and click on the plus button to add it. You can add multiple addresses at the same time.

Click Save to finish.

Time Base Monitoring

A schedule can be set for when devices will be monitored. This can be set at the top level OU for the school to affect all users or on invidual OUs for specific users.

To enable time based monitoring, you will need to enter in a schedule for when the client should be monitoring.

In the settings panel, go to Settings > Client.

Then click Edit.

For weekday hours, enable Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then enter a start time and an end time.

Then click Add.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-004

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