Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Supervisors can setup Two-Factor Authentication on their accounts to increase security.


Two-Factor Authentication can be setup in the User Settings panel located in the top right corner of the console.


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Click on the Two-Factor Authentication tab.

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  1. Open an authentication app on your phone or device. We recommend using Google or Microsoft Authenticator which can be found on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or as a web browser extension.

  2. In Google Authenticator, click the plus icon or ‘Add a Code' option, then select 'Scan a QR Code’.

  3. In the Securus console, click on Generate QR Code and then scan the QR Code with your device.

  4. You will see a new entry in Google Authenticator which will be labeled as ‘Securus’ and your username with a 6-digit code, type the code into the box within the Securus console and click on Verify.

  5. If succesful you will be presented with a verification message.


Next time you log in with the associated account, you will be presented with an extra login step to enter your Two-Factor Authentication code.

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Reset/Remove 2FA from your account

If your 2FA entry is lost at any time it is possible to remove the authentication from the account. Navigate back to User Settings > Two-Factor Authentication and click on Reset 2FA.

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A success message will be displayed to verify that the authentication has been removed from the account.

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Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-010

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