Summary Reports

The report feature can generate a summary report for a given period of times activity. Reports can be sent to individual or multiple email addresses manually or they can be sent to a mailing list with one click.

Supervisor accounts with correct email addresses are required to create a mailing list.

The report categories are:

  • System Summary Graphs

    • This offers a summary graph of all OU’s and provides a quick overview of activity on the network during the reporting period.

  • System Summary Report

    • This offers summary data and provides a quick overview of activity captured during the reporting period. It shows numerical data across a range of website and capture information for both users and machines.

  • Detailed Information

    • This provides data on who is using the internet by:

      • Top 20 Web Users (list)

      • Top 20 Users by Capture Count (graph)

      • Top 10 Severity Count by User Graph (graph)

      • Top 20 Words and Phrases Generating Captures (list)

      • Top 20 Website Count (list)

      • Top 20 Website Devices (list)


Create a Mailing List

To add users to a Mailing List, they will first need a supervisor account. To create a new account, please follow our supervisors article first.

Once you have your supervisor accounts created, navigate to Reports > Mailing List from within the Settings menu.

Click Add to add a new supervisor account to the list.

Select the supervisor account(s) that you’d like to add from the drop down menu.

Ensure that Email Summary Reports is selected to Yes.

Click Add to continue.

A confirmation message will show when successful.

Generate Reports for a Mailing List

In the Settings view, click on Reports.

Select the date range that you want to report on and then enable Mailing List > Current Level.

The box will expand, showing which users the report will be sent to.

Custom text (including HTML) can be added to the News box.

Click Generate Report to send the report to the mailing list recipients.

Generate a Single, One Time Report

In the Settings view, click on Reports.

Then click on Generate Reports.

Change Email to Active.

The email field will expand allowing to enter the email address(es) you’d like to send the report to.

Select a date range that you’d like to report on and then add the email address(es) that the report should go to.

It is also possible to add some custom text in the News field that will show at the beginning of the report.

Once done, click Generate Report to finish.

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