Integration with CPOMS

Securus can integrate with CPOMS to conveniently export captures to new tickets.

Request Integration

Log into CPOMS and navigate to Admin > Integrations.

Under the Securus option click on Integrate.

A new window will appear to explain what will happen next.

Tick the check box next to Please confirm the changes and that you are a Securus customer and click Integrate.

This will send an integration request to the Securus support team who will action the integration on your behalf.

Once completed you will see that the integration is active.


Send a capture to CPOMS

Single click on a capture you wish to send to CPOMS to highlight it.

Then click on Export.


In the Format drop down option, select CPOMS.

Provide a Summary and Description or the capture will not be processed properly by CPOMS. The Summary text must also be unique to the capture.

Click Save to send the capture.

View Captures in CPOMS

The capture export should now show in the Incident Tray. The capture will be attached as a PDF file that can be viewed within the CPOMS console or downloaded. The new incident can also be attached to an existing incident or student if required.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-INT-002

Classification Level: Public

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