Integration with MyConcern

Securus can integrate with MyConcern to conveniently export captures to new tickets.


Integrate MyConcern with Securus

To integrate Securus with MyConcern, you will first need to contact the MyConcern support team and ask them to enable the API Key for you to begin the integration.

Once this is done, follow the next steps.

  • Log into your MyConcern portal,

  • Click on the 'Admin' tab,

  • Then click the show button to the right of 'Users',

  • Then scroll down and click edit underneath 'API Keys',

    • If this option is not available, please contact MyConcern support and ask them to enable it for you.

  • You will then need to click on 'Create New',

  • You will have to give the API Keys a name so for example 'Securus,' then give a description,

  • Then click 'Create API Key',

  • It will then provide you with an API secret which you will need to take a copy of.

Next, go to the Settings menu within the Securus console and select the Integrations tab.

Click on the Add button.

A new menu will be displayed:

  • Type

    • Chooses the system you would like to integrate with. Select MyConcern.

  • Integration Code

    • This code will be provided by MyConcern upon request.

  • Key

    • This key will be provided by MyConcern upon request.

Enter the relevant information and click Save.

If successful, you will see the new connection within the Integrations tab.


Export a Securus capture to MyConcern

In the captures console. select the capture(s) you want to export and click on the Export button. This can also be done from the full screen capture view.

On the Format drop down, select MyConcern.

Please not that the MyConcern option will only be available once the above integration steps have been completed.

Include a summary and description in the relevant fields and then click on Save. The capture(s) will now have been exported directly into MyConcern.

View the capture within MyConcern

Login to MyConcern, on the homepage you will see the imported capture summary with a MyConcern ID number assigned to it.

To view the full details of the capture, click on the File tab and view the included PDF file.

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