Dashboard & Graphs

You will be presented with the dashboard containing graphical charts upon login.


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Graph Types

The Dashboard on the Landing Screen consists of the following charts:

  • Top 10 High Risk Users

    • Shows users with the highest cumulative severity score.

  • Graded Captures

    • Shows captures that have been graded by a supervisor.

  • Captures by Severity

    • Shows ALL (regardless of action or flag status) captures by severity.

  • Captures by Source

    • Shows captures segmented by their source (Keyboard/Application/NET).

  • Top 20 Phrases

    • Shows phrases with the highest capture count.

  • Top 10 Phrases vs Others

    • Shows phrases with the highest capture count against all other phrase captures.

  • Top Users (Limited to 5)

    • Shows users with the highest capture count.

Date Range

The Select Date Range button gives more date options. 

Selecting a new range will update the results in the  chart. The Other option will allow the selection of a custom date range instead.

It is not possible to select a timeframe longer than one month.

Graph Interactivity

Clicking on a chart segment will show you a breakdown of the categories that have been captured within that severity range.

The example below shows the Severity 5 segment has been selected. The chart below this shows the breakdown of categories.

Clicking on any of the chart category segments will take you to the Captures View for that option.

Document number/reference: SEC-KB-SETUP-002

Classification Level: Public

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