Top Tips For Fine Tuning Securus

Here are some top tips for you to consider to fine tune your Securus monitoring software to help optimise its use and ensure pupils are safeguarded from online dangers

  • Filter captures by category and allocate to appropriate staff, those who are best equipped can review data relevant to their knowledge and area of expertise.

  • Schedule reports to provide a regular, high level summary of activity. These can change over time in-line with positive changes to online behaviour.

  • Securus supports the allow listing of websites and applications resulting in reduced capture volume and more concise results.

  • Take advantage of the free training we offer via webinars. Sessions are available for technical staff as well as safeguarding leads.

  • Securus allows users to prioritise captures of the highest severity through the use of filtering and by defining notifications and alerts.

  • Reduce false positive captures by fine tuning the library of words & phrases that are known to be specific to a scenario.

  • For remote learners with Windows or Chromebook devices, continue monitoring as normal - once deployed, the software does the rest and captures update to the Console for review.

  • The acceptable use policy can be tailored to define the do's and don’ts of computer use at all time but especially during times of remote learning.


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