Securus NET Certificate Expiry

The current Securus NET certificate is expiring in November 2023. We are not offering a new generic certificate, instead opting for a certificate that is generated to be secure and unique to each server for a 5-year duration.

The new certificate update is a two-step process, we will run a script on your server to generate the new certificate which can be downloaded directly from the browser or provided by a member of the support team. The certificate then needs to be rolled out to your devices being monitored by Securus NET and we will need to be informed once this has done.

Once we get confirmation, we will run a second script to switch the certificates.

Any Securus NET server that was installed before 06/07/2023 will need an updated certificate to avoid interruptions to the service. An expired certificate will cease all Securus NET monitoring on your devices, so please contact our support team via email ( to start the certificate update process.