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Before exporting or printing captures, please refer to our guidance article.

Captures can be exported from the console into a text only document. Highlight the captures you wish to export by single clicking on them, then click on the Export button.

Exporting Captures

Give the export a name (with no spaces) and select the file format for the file between XML, PDF or CSV.

You can also choose to email the report to a recipient by adding an email address into the field.

Click Export to finish. Your browser will prompt you to save the document or automatically download it, depending on the browser in use. You can also export without selecting captures, the options will change for this allowing the export of all data or up to 400 captures.

PDF Export

Extra options are available for a PDF export when an email address is added.

By default the Report option is disabled. Enabling this option will include a covering summary page to the export. The front page will include a date and time that the export was created and a description of some of the capture details.

Enabling Report will also add two new options.

Disabling the Front Page will remove the covering summary page from the export.

Enabling the Screenshots option will include the screenshot images with the export.

See below for an example of the front page of the report.

Printing Captures

Captures can also be printed from the console. Printing a capture will provide the screenshot and supporting meta data text. This should be done for captures that need to be kept permanently.

Before printing, the content of the images should be considered. Please refer to our guidelines here for more information.

Select the captures you wish to print and then click on the Print captures button.

Your browser will open a new window to preview the selected captures. Click Print to finish and print the captures.

This can also be used to print to PDF, allowing you to keep hold of captures indefinitely.

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