No Tunnel (tun0) Address

The Securus NET server will establish an OpenVPN connection to our NET Controller server after installation. This address is used for licensing and library updates and for Securus support technicians to SSH to local servers for maintenance and configuration.

Pressing N on the Securus NET VM console will show the currently assigned networking details for the server. The Tunnel or “tun0” address can be found at the top of the screen.

If the server is unable to make this connection, the following error message will show:


The most common reasons for this can include:

  • The OpenVPN connection is being blocked by a firewall or filter. OpenVPN connects over 443 and the destination address is ‘’ (

  • An existing proxy is blocking the connection. A support team member will need to install the proxy certificate if one is required.

  • Proxy or networking details were entered incorrectly during install. Press N when prompted on the Securus NET console and double check the networking settings. If anything is wrong, press E to edit the config details.

Please contact the support team if all of the above has been checked and the settings have been verified.


Document number/reference: SEC-KB-NET-003

Classification Level: Public

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