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It is possible to tailor the library to meet the needs of the school by excluding unnecessary phrases from our default library, or adding your own words. Our default library provides an out of the box experience but it is often necessary to exclude certain phrases that are not relevant or add new ones in to account for local terminology or slang.

Create a Library


This step can be skipped if you have already created custom library previously.

Go to the Settings View by clicking the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the console window.

Click on Library.

Create a new library by clicking on the Add button.

Give the library a name and a description.

Creating a library will automatically assign it to the level it was created at. For example, creating at the schools top level will assign it to all sub groups underneath, making it active for every user. Similarly, creating a library on a Students or Staff OU will assign it to that OU and all sub OU's, making it active for those users only.

You can edit the library name and description by clicking on Edit Library.

How to Add a Phrase and Phrase Options

To add exclusions or new phrases into the new library, single click on the new library, or an already existing library, to select it. Click on Phrases to show the terms inside.

To add a new phrase into the library, click on the Add button.

Several options will now be presented.

  • Phrase

    • The phrase that you wish to include/exclude from capturing. The rest of the fields will autofill if you are creating an exclusion for a phrase that already exists within the default library.

  • Category

    • The category that the phrase should reside in. Custom is a blank category that can be used for new inclusions.

  • Severity

    • The severity score for the phrase. This scales from 1-5, 1 being the least concerning.

  • Embedded

    • Decide whether the phrase should capture when embedded in another word (eg, sex within Middlesex etc) or not.

  • Excluded

    • Changes whether the phrase should capture or be excluded from capturing.

  • Anti-Word

    • Anti-Words are part of the underlying intelligence in the software engine and can be added to the Securus library to stop near matching words from being captured.

      For example, sometimes the word ‘Middlesex’ can sometimes be captured as ‘sex’ in our library. To stop this behaviour, a user can add the phrase ‘Middlesex’ into the library and the client will identify this as a word that should not be monitored, dropping all captures that are detected. This helps to reduce the number of false positives generated and benefits capture accuracy.

  • Keyboard Only

    • Sets whether the phrase should be captured only by the keyboard hook and not the OCR scan.

  • Description

    • Allows for adding a description to the phrase. This is only viewable when editing phrases.

Installed clients will pick up the library change within 15 minutes of adding a new entry. This will not affect any existing captures in the event of a phrase exclusion, it will only stop future captures from being created.

Add a Phrase for Exclusion

Excluding a phrase from the default library will stop it from capturing entirely.

Click on the the custom library you want to add the exclusion into and then click on Phrases.

The contents of the library will be blank if this is a new library.

To add in a phrase to exclude, click on the Add button.

Type in the phrase you want to exclude in the Phrase field. If the word is already present in our default library, the Category and Severity fields will auto-fill when you move to a new field or click anywhere in the console.

To exclude the phrase, change Excluded to Yes.

Click Add Phrase to finish.

Add a Phrase for Inclusion

You can also add your own words or phrases into the library which will capture when detected on the screen or typed by the end user.

Click on the the custom library you want to add the exclusion into and then click on Phrases.

The contents of the library will be blank if this is a new library.

To add in a phrase to exclude, click on the Add button.

Type in the phrase you want to include in the Phrase field. Then select a Category that word or phrase belongs to. You can select Custom if it doesn’t match our pre-defined categories.

Give the entry a severity rating from a scale of 1-5. Then select whether the phrase should be detected within other words or if it should only be captured by the keyboard monitoring mechanism and not with the OCR engine.

Finally, add a description of the phrase if required.

Then click Add Phrase to finish.

Create an Anti-Word

Anti-Words allow supervisors to define a variation of a word or phrase that they do not want to be captured such as a students name.

To add an Anti-Word, follow the same steps from the “Add a Phrase for Inclusion” section and change Anti-Word to Yes.

In the example, when the first and last names are detected in the same sentence or next to each other, the OCR engine will see this as the defined name and will not capture the phrase ISIS for this occasion.

Manually Assign a Library

It may be appropriate to assign a library to multiple groups or OU’s within Securus manually if you don’t want it to affect all users on the system.

To manually assign a library, you will need to create it first. Then click on the group you wish to assign to and go to Settings > Library.

Then click Edit and in the Library drop down field, select the library you wish to assign.

Then scroll to the bottom and click Save.

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